Free to Good Home


For those who want a FREE puppy, I have always felt if you can't afford to buy a pet, then you will not be able to afford to take proper care of it, so do not expect me to give one of mine to you.  Danes are high maintenance if you are going to take care of them properly nutritionally.

I've always known about labs that experiment on animals, they buy cheap animals directly from breeders, shelters or brokers.  Free puppies/dogs are often seen as:

Free bait to train fighting dogs.

Free bait to train greyhounds.

Free fish bait.

Free snakes food.

Free money from the research lab.

Free sacrifice for satanic rituals.

Free animal for malicious pranks.

Free animal to set on fire.

Free animal to insert a firecracker into.

Free to breed indiscriminately. 

So, when I have people call or write asking for a FREE or CHEAP puppy my answer is always the same... NO, I will never just give one away or have one priced too cheap because I care about my Danes and the kind of life they will live. 


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