Teenage Coats
Article courtesy of Great Dane Lady


Those of you with short coated breeds, and particularly some lines of Great Danes, you will notice in their teenage months 11 month - 18 month they will go through a normal puppy shedding that in some cases is pretty awful. This is often the first shed major shed they have going into their spring after their first winter.

They will start to look like they are shot full of beebe’s or an old ratty mouton coat, similar to a shedding buffalo or deer hide! The dead coat will get fluffy and lighter in color - pale yellow on a fawn, and red-brown on blacks and light grey on blues. This coat shed is not as evident on those from the brindle or harlequin patterning, but can be evident on the Mantle color.

This is the teenage “blowout” and it takes 6 months to repair it. I reiterate, those of you showing your black danes… soaking the dog in a good dog shampoo with a good dog conditioner after (with a pH for dogs),then using a Zoom Groom on the coat after it is towel dried, will drop out lots of the fluffy dead coat.

Do not use a rake or a shedding blade, you want to use a rubber tool so you do not destroy the new coat -- please seek the help of a professional groomer on this one and not do some homemade attempt using your own shampoo and some left over grooming tool you used on your horse. Just because you are anxious to get this dog looking jet black and in the ring, is no reason to destroy the new coat which will be with you a long time.

Now after that knuckle wrapping…we can move on to a suggestion to help you get this coat blown out and the new one in. Of course, you are wise enough to get this dog on a comprehensive feed program (that does not mean just a good dog food), but the things that go with keeping this dog in a state of wellness. If your dog is ONLY blowing out coat due to teenage development or after a litter and the dog is on a sound nutritional program, then this information will apply to your situation.

NOTE:  The chocolates go from dark to light in coat color during this process.  Pictured below is a Dane I purchased and no longer own.  Lady was a prime example of coat blow out.  This is not a real "health issue," it's just unsightly.  Lady finished this process in only 2 1/2 months, not 6 as stated by Linda Arndt above. 


Before   During
Close up photo.  As you can see it makes her appear to be a merle!   After


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