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Below areToys that Can be HARMFUL!

Just because a toy is marketed for dogs, does NOT mean itís safe for them.
There are a lot of companies out there making a fortune
on toys that can harm your beloved family member!

Google or Bing "dangerous dog toys" if you don't believe me.


Chew Ring  

These toys do not last more than an hour or two with a DANE puppy!  Not worth the money or risking the health of your puppy who could swallow the plastic pieces and/or strings it's made with and this can block the intestines and require surgery to remove!

Flossy Chews  

These can KILL your beloved pet!   I learned that pieces went into the stomach and lodged there blocking everything up.  My vet said they could also pass through to the intestine, where some of the pieces could lodge and get twisted up in the intestine, completely cutting through and severing the intestine.  So, if you ever see your dog chewing on rope toys and pulling the little strings off... TAKE IT AWAY!!

Four Paws Pimple Ball w/Bell  

These can KILL your beloved pet! 

Pig/Cow Ears, Animal Hooves  

Dried pig and cow ears and hooves have many of the same dangers as rawhide. Primarily, you don't want your dog to break off and swallow small jagged pieces that could damage his insides!

Plush Toys  

These are sold in pet stores just like you see them in kiddie stores. Hello? Itís a dog, not a child. Fido doesnít know heís supposed to cuddle with the teddy bear Ė and when heís feeling frisky, guess what? Mr. Teddy will be headless, armless and legless before you know it. Do you want to risk him swallowing any of that? Do you want him swallowing the stuffing?  The stuffing could cause blockage... or the squeaker itself!

Rawhide Chews  

I have learned over the years that rawhide dog chews do not break down in the stomach and/or intestines as well as pork hide chews. Rawhide is not as digestible as pork hide. Dogs will tend to chew on the rawhide until it becomes soft and can swallow a piece much larger than can easily be passed. Since rawhide is more difficult to digest, it could cause an obstruction. 

Dogs see rawhide (which come in bones, rolls, bows, braids, candy canes, etc...) as a food item. As they consume the pieces of the hide, these pieces are NOT digestible, and they end up absorbing stomach fluids and swelling in the stomach and intestine, in many cases causing a blockage that can only be removed through surgery.

Rawhides get stuck in the stomach and sometimes in the esophagus because they are so rigid.  They are one of the most common objects extracted from dogs.  A cow hoof can be chomped in half and swallowed to prevent another dog from getting it.

Another issue with rawhide is that in many instances the manufacturer treats the hide with formaldehyde, or similar treatment, as a preservative. Do you really want your dog to consume this? I don't think so.

There is never a guarantee that an accident wonít happen but, should your dog swallow a large piece of pork hide, the chances are better that the chew will be digested if it is pork hide versus rawhide. They can look exactly the same so be careful Ė read the label closely. Rawhide that is not made in North America can also contain chemical residues that can be harmful to your dog's health.  When the size of the rawhide gets small enough that he can put the entire piece in his mouth, it is time to throw it away in order to avoid accidental ingestion.

Tennis Balls
Talking about the real kind of tennis balls,
not the squeaky toys

No, thatís not a joke. For starters, large breed dogs can swallow them Ė which can lead to a painful death. Why would they swallow it? Youíd have to ask a dog that question. Just know that some do, and some die. Need another reason to avoid them? A German study was done that suggests the glue used in tennis balls is very damaging to a dogís tooth enamel. Not to mention, a dog can chew through a tennis ball pretty easily. Do you want to risk them swallowing the pieces? I donít think you do.

Threaded Rope w/Balls
Talking about the kind made with regulare sewing thread.

Tug Toys  

These specifically encourage a dog to vie for dominance. This can be a problem if your dog already has aggression issues. Donít engage in these games with your dog, it may seem like fun to you, but every time your dog gets the toy away (whether you let him or not) he is being told heís the more dominant. And he should never think heís more dominant than his owner, it will only lead to problems. If youíre currently having issues like this, get rid of that toy, and you will probably get rid of some of that aggression as well.


If you see your dog vomiting or having difficulty going potty you should take it to the vet asap.  Early diagnosis can save your dog's life.




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