So, the DOL people refer to me as a Puppy Mill
Just proves once again they do not know what they are talking about.


It's odd how they accuse me of being a BYB and Puppy Mill solely based on the "colors" I breed.  Have they forgotten the true meaning of these "labels" or are they too ignorant to realized there is a difference?  They obviously don't know what they are talking about and that's why most people who come to my site after reading postings on their forum end up buying from me anyway.... because these people have the intelligence to know the difference.   Each year I get deposits on upcoming litters or sell available puppies to people who found me after being on their site.  So, realistically the DOL people are sending me customers.   As of 1-12-11 I already have 2 deposits on my upcoming litters!

My friend's 5 yr old could tell the difference!



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