Puppy Care
NOTE:  If you obtain information from this site, ask my opinion or assistance on feeding or health related issues,
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I start our puppies on Member's Mark Chicken & Brown Rice Puppy Formula food (shown below and can be ordered from Sam's Club and they ship for FREE!)  Then slowly switch them over to what you're going to feed them when you get your puppy.  I feed all my own dogs Member's Mark COMPLETE Adult Maintenance (shown below).  When getting one of my puppies, I suggest to follow guidelines further below. Let your puppy get use to you and it's new surroundings before switching it's food.

You can try something with a little less protein and fat if you wish but for their active life here on the ranch this is what does it for my DaNoodles.  Many vets and other people may try to talk you into something "more expensive" thinking higher cost better food.  It's completely up to you, all I can say is most customers who switch to a higher priced food end up causing problems with their puppy's stool  or coat.  As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

However, if you still choose not to continue your puppy on what I feed then at least monitor the FDA Recall page to make sure what you do feed is NOT one on their list. 


Puppy 3-8 wks   9 wks and up

Note:  I will provide some of the food your puppy has been on.
If you have not ordered your NuVet Plus yet, please do.  I will provide one weeks worth initially.


Sometimes the pups will get webbed paws which means you're feeding them too much food or the brand of food you've switched to has too much protein, so just cut back on portions and you should see them returning to normal between one or two weeks.  If not, change dog food back to what I was feeding or try another brand.



When converting a puppy, or any dog for that matter, always do it slowly as not to upset their stomach so there's no barfing or loose stool.  I have had great results with the food I feed and how I do it. 

The first 3 days feed -- 3 parts food it's use to and 1 part New food,
Days 4, 5 and 6 feed -- half and half,
Days 7, 8 and 9 feed --  1 part old food to 3 parts NEW food.
Day 10 feed --  New food only

Below is my feeding chart, some puppies may not eat this much, others may want a bit more and that's OK.  Each puppy is different.  If feeding 4 cups twice a day one adult DaNoodle will go through a 50 # bag of dog food every 18 days.  So with this knowledge you should be able to figure out how long a 50# bag will last you for your puppy depending on how much you are feeding as there are 144 cups per 50 # bag.

For a sick puppy or a puppy  about to have surgery (ie: ear crop if Dane) or a puppy that losing weight getting use to their new home or any adult dog about to have surgery (spay/neuter/whatever) I like to put them on Satin Balls for a while (2 pages of recipes).  I feed 1/2 a ball in the a.m. and the remaining half in the p.m.  Puppies must be on NuVet Plus (see below) to keep their digestion in order when feeding raw meet.  Also, these are not to replace a meal, they are given as a supplement/treat to improve coat condition and for weight gain.

To learn more click on picture above or
Call  800-474-7044
  Use Order Code:  46033


Age Food and Supplements Measurment Times per Day Best Price We've Found
7 wks up  PUPPY Food 1 1/2 cups 3 to 4 Sam's Club
8 - 9 wks START switching to ADULT Food 1 1/2  to  2 cups 3  
  Start Heartworm Prevention      
  Start NuVet

according to pkg

according to pkg Ordering NuVet from above link you get a discount
10 - 11 wks  Adult Food 3 to 3 1/2 cups 3  
  Supplements according to pkg    
12 - 13 wks  Adult Food 4 cups 3 TSC
  Supplements according to pkg    
14 wks  Adult Food 4 cups 2  
  Supplements according to pkg    
15 wks & up  Adult Food 4 to 5 cups depending on Dane 2
I would break total amount into 3 times a day if you have to feed over 5 cups per feeding
  Supplements according to pkg    


Kennel Suggestion I like to buy just one for the life of the dog and this allows plenty of growing room, will hold a full size DaNoodle.

Food and Water dishes are to always be at puppy's chest level being raised as it grows!!
This helps to prevent bloat! 

Also, keep puppy/dog quiet (no playing or hard exercise) for at least 40 minutes after eating, again to prevent bloat!  Puppies are taken outside to potty right after eating & I let them have a drink of water and do their business.   I always use the same door so they learn which door to go to to "ask" to go outside to potty.  If you take them outside right after eating they learn to go right away and not "dilly dally" around.  Following these simple rules you should not have a problem with house training or bloat; ignore them and you'll wish you hadn't! Click here for helpful hints on training. 

I strongly suggest for everyone to crate train their puppy.  I've had some customers not do it thinking it was cruel.  However, you must keep in mind should your Dane get sick when it's an adult and need to stay at the vet's it will be crated or if it gets sick and needs to be kept confined at home for a few days then you would need to crate it.  If it's never been in a crate before it could hurt itself trying to get out not to mention the added stress it will go through and with a sick dog it does not need stress in its already weak condition!

With crate training I suggest to my customers to go through the "kennel buying experience only once....
it's MUCH cheaper that way!  I buy my DaNoodle size kennels from WalMart online!  So, if you use the enclosed kind, the puppy or adult DaNoodle you get from us may not want to go inside a "dark cave." 

We purchase our dog doors from Moorepet.   to see the door mount style (I would think a Wid/Tall or a Mamoth would be large enough.)  The dual flap ones are great if you get a lot of wind and/or rain in your area.  Here is the link if you need a wall mount one   (see bottom of page, Behemonth.)

We strongly recommend going to this link of our web site and browsing over the articles just to familiarize yourself with the information that's available there. 



Even though this page is how we take care of our own puppies, please consult with your own vet once you get your puppy on how to care for it.    to see the vaccination schedule we follow. Vaccine reactions - multivalent/combination vaccines are an enormous problem with young dogs with immature immune systems, especially if the dogs have not received adequate amounts of a antioxidants to help the body to detoxify from being bombarded with combination shots. It is even more of a problem when Lymes Vaccine or Rabies Vaccine has been at the same time as the combination shots. Rabies given before 6 months of age is not recommended for Great Danes (Purdue Vaccine Study) and should be given alone. In some states it means breaking the law if you follow this protocol. Discuss it with your vet first and if you are not comfortable with waiting until 6 months or older at least back up the system by using antioxidants (Vaccine Prevention Information).

If you are thinking about getting your puppy's
ears cropped 

We trim our Danes nails with the clippers below and also use a drummel.

Note the "safety shield" so you don't clip them too short!
Found at most pet stores.

  for what is my Great Dane BIBLE and what should be yours too!  Even if you don't read any of the articles now, BOOKMARK this page and skim over the TITLES of her articles so if something does come up with your puppy you will know where to find help.  I also recommend to customers to give this link to their vet, especially if they are not too familiar with Danes.  Any good vet will appreciate it and read up on all the info on her site as she updates it constantly!


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