Keeping Your Dog Out of Harm's Way

Dogs are curious creatures that are likely to eat and lick things that they probably shouldn’t as well as venture into places that may cause them harm. Ideally, you should always keep a close eye on your pet to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Being armed with the right knowledge is the key to prevention.

Dogs face an increased risk of accidental poisoning because of their natural curiosity and tendency to put things in their mouths. Antifreeze, for example, is sweet to the taste and among the most common household poisons ingested by dogs. There are now safer alternatives available such as the less appealing, bitter tasting antifreeze. See a list of common household poisons and this is a helpful site too! There are some common symptoms of poisoning that you should watch for, including vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing or lack of coordination. If you believe that your dog has ingested a hazardous substance, you should call your vet immediately.

Some dogs have a tendency to eat plants whereas others simply enjoy digging them out of your garden. While plants may appeal to your pup some can also be toxic to his health like daffodils or wisteria. For dog owners that use any type of lawn treatment please follow the product instructions exactly and do not let your pooch on the treated area for the allotted amount of time. If you happen to be the lucky owner of a digger and also own potted plants, you might try inserting pine or evergreen cones into the dirt or placing aluminum foil over the pot to prevent your pup from doing his own gardening inside the house. The safest way to keep your canine away from your outdoor garden is to build a fence around it, however this is not always ideal. Another alternative is to install an electronic barrier around outdoor areas you want to keep your pet away from. Invisible Fence® Brand offers in-ground and wireless solutions to protect your pet and your garden.

There are many foods that we humans enjoy every day, but can be incredibly harmful if fed to our dog. Some of the most dangerous foods are onions, hops (a plant used in making beer) and grapes or raisins. One way to protect your pooch is to keep him away from the dinner table and refrain from feeding him leftover scraps. Be sure he does not have access to the trash, which can be quite tempting to your curious canine.

Keeping your dog away from busy roads is a huge concern for most pet owners. Well exercised dogs are less apt to get into trouble, but not everyone has a large backyard safe from the dangers of a busy road. One alternative is to find a local dog park which allows you to run your dog while also keeping him safely out of the street. Many owners choose to fence in their yard using either a physical barrier or an electronic one such as Invisible Fence® Brand containment solution. If you do have a yard with a gate, make sure visitors know that opening the door or leaving it unlocked could let your dog loose.

A pool can often be a very inviting place for water-loving dogs. However, it is important that you never leave your pet unattended by the pool. Teach your dog as early as possible to sit, lay down and stay when near the pool. He should also be trained to remain calm when he hears splashing and other water related noises so that he doesn’t feel the need to jump in to seek out the source of the commotion. Provide fresh water for him to drink so that he does not get in the pool and lap up large amounts of chlorinated water. You might also want to consider installing a pet security fence if there is a chance your pet can access the pool when you are not around.

Take extra care to pet proof your house even if you do not think your well behaved dog is at risk. Pet free areas can be set up inside and outside your home with electronic avoidance products like Invisible Fence® Brand Shields®. The Shields sends a signal to your dog’s customized computer collar to warn him when he is nearing the edge of an area you want to keep him away from. This type of system can protect your pet from getting into toxic food, chemicals or plants as well as keep him from escaping through an open gate or doorway. Ensure that you secure the garbage, keep food out of reach, put your belongings away and make sure that nothing is left out that shouldn’t be. Most importantly, train your dog and provide plenty of opportunity for safe activity to keep him mentally stimulated and out of trouble.


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