You know you own a Dane when...

The sound of running water make you jump up and scream, "OUTSIDE!"

You carry a tape measure with you when shopping for a new vehicle

You keep a drool towel in every room of the house

You sit on the floor to watch TV as your Dane is stretched out on the couch

Your significant other is not even in bed yet and there's snoring that's keeping you awake

A simple kiss good-bye from your dog can destroy your 30 minute makeup job

You can't see from your rear view mirror because of the nose prints

You have more pictures in your wallet of your Dane than your 2-legged kids

You don't have to pre-wash the dishes before putting them in the dish washer.. and they are in the sink!

Your Dane's favorite toy is your bowling ball

The cookies you put on top of the frig are gone and your Dane has oatmeal crumbs stuck to it's nose

You keep your bedroom door closed until you are ready for bed and then make a mad
dash for YOUR eight inch width of space AND your pillow

Your Dane stands in your lap and stretches over you to stick his head in the drive-through window
at the burger place and nearly gives the cashier a heart attack when she turns around

You see a toy breed and mutter to yourself, "My dog's poo is bigger than that!"

You hesitate wearing short sleeve shirts, skirts, shorts and swim suits because you're afraid
people will think your spouse is abusing you

Your Dane farts and you have to leave the room

Your bird bath is also a water dish

You can never go to the bathroom alone any more

You have a black eye from bending over to tie your shoe and your Dane decided to wag it's tail

Solicitors stopped dropping by

Neighbors think ground hogs have invaded your yard

You learn to hold the handrail and hug the wall when your Dane passes you on a stairway

Rottweilers and St Bernards look small to you

Your Dane jumps side to side while playing and your wall to wall carpeting comes loose

You buy dog food by the pallet

You get pushed out of bed because your Dane was running in it's sleep

You issue athletic cups at your front door to all male visitors

You remove all the chains from your ceiling fans

The UPS driver leaves all your packages at the neighbor's house

You don't take a vacation if you can't find a babysitter, for your Dane!

When you go shopping at the mall you come home with more items for your Dane than yourself

Your furniture looks like you have termites in your house

You would not trade all of the above for a single day without a Dane in your life!

Designer Danes, an addiction to be proud of!



Chocolate Danes R Us aka A Splash Of Color Danes