Male vs Female

Over the years I've rec'd many phone calls from people saying they want a female puppy because that's what they've always had or because they've heard:

Females are easier to housebreak and they don't "mark their territory" or "hump"

Females take less care than a male and are easier to get along with

Females don't participate in fighting over dominance

Well, let me enlighten you with the following chart that boys make great pets too! 


If you like to take walks to the park, beach or going to the lake or hiking, boys tend to get along better with other dogs. They are there to have fun and they don't care who's in charge.   It's almost unheard of for a male dog to pick a fight with a female.

Boys are usually the first ones to come to me for attention and the last ones to leave.

Boys don't have the tendency to be under foot or in your face all the time.

If you have kids, boys like to be in the middle of the fun, females tend to tire of it all and find a place to be out of the way not to be bothered.

 If you neuter your boy by 4 - 5 months of age,  they rarely learn to lift their legs or hump, however, to get more growth out of them it's better to wait until they are about 8 or 9 months and to get best size at maturity, neuter when they are 12 months but they will most likely have started the leg lifting and humping by this age.

Most boys are easily motivated by praise and food, and are so eager to please that training is easy. However males can be more easily distracted during training as males like to play so often, hence, boys are fun & loving to the end.



There is a reason why a female dog is called a B*#$%@.  There is always only one ruler of any domain and every one bows down to HER, even the males. 

If not spayed, females have literal periods or "heat" including bleeding, and moodiness, some worse than others, and can be a month long nightmare.  When taken outside to the restroom she will leave her "scent" which will attract every in tact male dog in the neighborhood who will spend the next two or three weeks hanging around your house.

Females tend to get more reserved or dignified with age and are great couch potatoes and typically are the ones with a weight problem.

Females don't tend to get distracted as easily, as she is more eager to get it over with.




I love both my girls & boys, however....YOU need to decide what's best for you!

Danes are great pets for anyone living alone because their size alone will deter solicitors as well as unwanted guests.

They are also great for the elderly because... they are strong enough to support someone's weight if they've fallen and need to lean on something to get up.

A Dane is strong enough to pull someone to safety from a burning building or to higher ground during a flood!

Elderly often need a little something just to steady them as they walk and a Dane is tall enough to do this. (Personally, mine come in handy when I have a dizzy spell.)

They make great bed companions as they can lay right up next to someone to keep them warm. (I've had a broken back and a Dane is better than a heating pad any day!)

Most breeds, if well bred and socialized, are usually not aggressive and get along with people and other animals no matter which sex they are.   Below is a summary about Great Danes.



Sociability - dogs:
Sociability - other pets:
Sociability - strangers:
Exercise needs:
Grooming needs:
Suitability to cold:
Suitability to heat:
Watch dog capability:
Guard dog capability:





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