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Beware.... PETA kills animals!!

Also, just because I have a topic listed on this page does not  mean we or any puppies KMC has produced have experienced it.  I just decided to list topics that can be or are common in Danes as well as other breeds of dogs as well as topics of general interest.

Have questions "swirling" around in your mind?  Well, below are links to pages that I hope will be helpful to you.  Each link opens a "new window" so just click the "close" button when finished reading.  You can also click here to see if you should even get a Dane.

If you're considering getting a Dane, please make sure of your commitment.  They aren't called gentle GIANTS for nothing.  It's like living with another human being... only better because a Dane will forgive you a lot quicker when you scold them for doing something wrong.  This breed of dog is so loving and willing to please, you'll rarely find a Dane owner with just one so beware,  they are addicting!






Dane Information
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Addison's Disease



Antibiotic Reactions
Reaction may not be evident
for 2 to 12 days after treatment

Can cause appearance of Wobblers

Can cause appearance of HOD


Babesia Infections

Bad Drugs for Danes

Chephalexin or Sulfonamide antibiotics


Bloat in Danes

Canine Bloat

Signs of Bloat

First Aid for Bloat

Gastropexy Surgery 
(Bloat Prevention)

Prophylactic Gastropexy  (Bloat Prevention)

For surgical views click here.

Bone Disease
Can start as early as 5 wks if fed too many calories
Bowed Legs
(carpel flexural deformity)


CPR - First Aid

Another site for:  CPR


Canine Safety Tips


Car Harness for Dogs

Chewing on Paws


Chicken Jerky
for Dogs!


(aka loose stool)

  Comparing Dog Foods  

Condemning Genes

    Cost of a Puppy Demodex Mange

Mistaken Demo

Ear Cropping

Ears: Correcting Funky Natural Ears

Fire Hazards for Pets
  First Aide & CPR  
Fleas   and    Fleas Feeding and Care of Your Dane Feeding Raw Diet
Free Puppy or Dog General Info Great Dane Lady
(My Dane Bible!)
Great Danes Great Dane Pictures WANTED! Harmful Toys
Hiccups Hip Displasia  & click here
& here & here
History of the Dane &  Why A Great Dane?
for video by Animal Planet
Home Coming
House Rules
House Training How Could You?
Insurance for Pets - AKC
Insurance for Pets
Interesting Breedings Introducing New Dogs to Kids
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Introducing Your Kids to a New Dog
Part 2
Leash Training Just A Dog
Knuckling Over
(carpel flexural deformity)
Life Jackets for Dogs Male vs Female
Neutering vs. Zeutering
Nipping & Biting

What does it really mean?

Origin of the Dane

Pano  (Growing Pains) 

When it's Pano & NOT Pano

Pet Friendly Hotels
in the U.S. by State
Pet Theft Pregnancy Stages
Pneumonia - Kennel Cough -
Dog Flu
Poisons &
Poisonous Plants
Pooh Eating
Precious Moments
That make up for the "uhh" times of owning a Dane!
Prejudice Against Chocolates Preventing Accidental Poisoning

Preventing Dog Bites in Kids

Pregnancy Stages Puppy Acne Puppy Development
Puppy Mills Puppy Uglies - Knuckling Over -- & Other Helpful Info About Danes Purists
Satin Balls
(to put weight on dog)
Should You Get a Dane Skunk Wash
Raw Diet
(KMC does not endorse)
Spay & Neuter, at What Age?

To learn more click on picture above or
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Supplies: Dane Collars, Leashes & More

Surgery Guidelines Tail Docking Taping Natural Ears
Teenage Blowouts
Toys We Approve Of

Travel With Your Pet A Lot?

Understanding Colors & Patterns Vaccinations  Weight Chart
What a Dog's Sleeping Position Means Wobblers Syndrome You Know
You Own A Dane When

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