I am now primarily breeding Great DaNoodles but will do a pure Dane breeding upon request
receiving at least three (3) deposits.  Deposits are non-refundable unless I don't receive 3,

then I'll either refund the one or two I did receive or if I don't have any pups on the ground

will go ahead and breed for a pure Dane litter.






Princess  ~~  AKC


CKC  - Foundation Dane
--  Retired, shown as Ref.
My Dane D-Lite is retired and only on here for reference because a customer in KY forged/changed the pedigree on three of D-Lite's pups she bought from me and I want their TRUE pedigree available on line.  Guess she's a Dreamer of Danes and thought she could change pedigrees on my pups and get away with it. 




Some people fault breeders for breeding merles, however, they obviously don't know about
JP YOUSHA article  in which she states that merle is necessary to produce Harlequins.

I'm often asked, "What will I get if I breed  --- x ---?"  I don't mean to be rude but usually I don't
respond because the answer is not all that simple to explain over the phone.  I usually just give
them the link and tell them to read it again and again, to study it and use it as a guide.



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