When I'd see someone style their web pages with my ideas it use to upset me,
now I realize they just have no imagination of their own so they copy from the best!




Should you get a Dane?

Thinking of getting a Dane?  Please read through this page before getting one!
Danes MUST be taught manners and obedience at a young age; do NOT wait until they are adults!
Danes are NOT to be thrown into the backyard and forgotten, they can turn aggressive from neglect!
They are "people" dogs and "need" to be part of the family and living inside "with" their family!
I'd also like to suggest renting the movie Marley & Me.
Although none of my Danes have been nearly as bad as Marley,
it's a great movie to reflect what it's like to own a large breed dog.
Also, the fact that it is a commitment which should be taken seriously
as this movie shows just because there are problems in life,
getting rid of the dog does
not solve them!
I give the movie an A+



    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You want a dog that will live longer than you.

You are willing to share you love with someone that will return it tenfold!  Danes have a shorter life expectancy, usually 8-10 years, however, there are some that have been known to live up to 12 years and older!  There is no love greater than that of a Dane.  They are totally devoted to their owners.

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You want to spend as little as possible on your pet.
Ear Bracing

The love for your 4-legged companion has no limits.  In addition to high food bills, you can expect higher veterinary costs for your Dane. Most medications, heartworm preventative, flea control, etc. are sold based on the weight of the dog. The more the dog weighs, the more of the medication you will need and the more expensive it will be. In addition, surgery, x-rays, and other medical services are often more expensive for these very large dogs. Boarding large dogs is typically also more expensive. The cost of owning a Dane is a definite factor you must consider carefully before you adopt one.

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You don't have much time to devote to your pet.

Your pet will be as important to you as a child.  Great Danes are large, muscular and very strong dogs. Thus, it is advisable that all dogs be given at least basic obedience classes! This helps establish you, the human, as the "leader of the pack" and will help create a bond between you and your new dog. A basic obedience class should make it possible for you to take your Dane for a walk and not the other way around!

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You think dogs belong outside.

You are willing to live with a Dane.  (Notice I didn't say if you are willing to let a Dane live with you.) Danes are indoor dogs and do best when they are kept as indoor pets, where the family is the core of their existence. Danes are extremely people-oriented and need to be a part of the family.  The time requirement is far more crucial than the amount of space you have, although this also can be a consideration in restricted living quarters.  One of the most frequently used commands for a Dane is "Move".

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  

You could care less who comes in and out of your home and you like piece and quiet all the time.

You love your family and want them protected.  Many Danes can be very vocal when playing, and will bark often and loudly when strangers appear. While Danes bark and can make lots of noise, they will usually be friendly to people welcomed by their family. They will, however, be protective of their family if the need arises. This protective trait is common to most breeds and you do not need to train your Dane as a 'Guard Dog'. Anyone who gets a Great Dane to act strictly as a guard dog is promoting eventual trouble, at which time the Dane will become the victim by suffering the consequences, usually euthanasia.

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  

You are a couch potato.  They will do whatever it takes (including jumping into your lap) to get you to get up and take them for a walk!


You like to go for walks or bike rides.  Although adult Danes tend to be very "laid back", despite their large size they still require extensive exercise. The breed is considered to be one of the 'Working' breeds. In the Middle Ages, Great Danes were used for Boar hunting, so their ancestors were accustomed to an active lifestyle. In today's society, a good walk - approx. 4 km - twice a day is sufficient exercise for an adult Dane. They do not require a large home (if you have room for a couch, you have room for a Great Dane). Puppies are usually significantly more active than adult Danes and require more exercise to develop their muscles for adulthood. Dane puppies will let you know when they have had enough exercise, and should only be allowed to rough-and-tumble with siblings, or other dogs of the same size, to prevent injury.  You need to be careful with your Danes exercising and not over do it until he/she is about 18 months of age.

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You don't want to do any grooming.

You have time for weekly grooming.  Danes have very short hair and need minimal grooming. A good brushing once or twice a week in the winter months is sufficient for most Danes, while you may need to give them a good brushing daily during the warmer months when they shed more. A vigorous brushing should take no more than 20 minutes.  Danes do not require baths often. If kept as a house pet, your Dane should require bathing no more than once a month. You may have to wipe muddy paws in between baths, however. Keeping a large (!!) towel handy at your entrance is also a good idea for drying off the Dane on wet days after being outside. 

Also, because of their size their toe nails will need to be maintained at least every two weeks.  We start our puppies out with a dremel. 

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  If you don't like taking pictures. You like being amused all the time and catching "Kodak" moments!  
    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You leave things laying around or food on your kitchen counters or tables.

You are willing to teach it manners.  Because Danes are so tall, they can easily "counter surf" and steal anything left out on your kitchen counters - Danes have been known to steal everything from steak to cookies to entire loaves of bread. This also means that Danes can reach higher in closets (to steal your good shoes) and higher in areas where they may reach toxic substances you may think you have placed safely out of reach.

     Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  

You have trinkets all over your coffee tables and don't want to have things accidentally broken. Danes are tall and tend to wag their tail often and furiously. They can easily clear a coffee table of trinkets. Anything that can be broken or spilled should be kept well above "tail level". Danes sometimes hit their tail on walls or other hard, unyielding objects and split their tail open. It can bleed profusely. They will usually continue wagging the tail, spraying blood everywhere and making your home look like something from a horror film. This doesn't happen often (happily), but can, and does, happen on occasion.

You don't mind "material" things getting broken.  If you have something sentimental then it needs to be put up high until you've taught your puppy what it can and can not play with or chew on.  There is also the option of Tail Docking (can be done at the same time/age ears are cropped), which I have started to do on some of my own because as I'm getting older I am bruising more easily.  I was beginning to look like a battered wife with my stomach, back and legs constantly bruised.

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You are one to "give an inch" and bend the rules.

You are one to enforce your rules.  Great Danes are especially good at 'getting an inch' and 'taking a mile'! If you don't expect to sleep with a Dane for the rest of its life, don't let it up on the bed - not even one time. Same goes for the couch and recliner!

If you start something with a Dane, those big eyes and the 'don't you love me anymore?' look will melt your resolve and you may be stuck with sleeping in the guest room so that your Dane can enjoy the luxury of your favorite bed in the master bedroom or you'll be the one sitting on the floor so they can enjoy the comfort of the couch and recliner!

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  

You want your house to be neat and orderly at all times and/or if you are gone most of the time.

Danes will exhibit "separation anxiety" if left alone some times as demonstrated to the right by Lizzie, age 5 months. 

She'd never been away from my side since the day I got her and we had a family emergency leaving her at home alone for about 6 hours!

I'd suggest letting family members "babysit" occasionally or boarding your puppy out once a month for a day or two.

You will "overlook" the occasional bad day your puppy may have.  Be sure to take time to properly train them as to what they are allowed to play with and what they are NOT to touch.  When you own a Dane, you must have a "forgiving heart!"  Once they get past the puppy stage, it'll all be worth it!

  to see short video of Karina vs. Dirt Devil!



The pillow to the left was a present left for me when I closed Gypsy out of my room for the first time at 11 months of age.  I had a migraine and wanted to take a nap with no dogs in the bedroom.  She took a pillow off the guest bed, went into the den and.... voila!

I'm home all the time so it's hard for me to teach them to do okay without me for a while but I suggest my customers find a way to do it on a regular basis by boarding them out or getting a babysitter even for a few hours a month or overnight.

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You like doing things by yourself.

You are willing to include them in everything you do.  Doing something as simple as picking something up off the floor and three of my girls had to come "help" me.  Brandi then decided to start a game of Leap Frog!

     Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You don't have a sense of humor. You like to clown around, laugh a lot and be goofy!  
    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You don't like to be drooled on!

You don't mind an occasional shower while NOT in the bathroom!  Danes have large mouths and large lips to retain large drops of water after getting a drink.  Many times they can get a drink outside and still have water dripping after coming back into the house.  And there's the much dreaded "head shake" after getting a drink!

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You like a well manicured yard.

You like having a different landscape every few weeks.  Danes are notorious diggers, so be prepared!

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You don't like being horse whipped.

You don't mind being spanked by an adult Dane as they walk past you.  Danes are large dogs with LARGE/LONG tails that have a lot of strength to them when being wagged!  So there will be the occasional back or butt slap as one goes running by you, depending on your height.

    Do NOT get a Dane if....     Get a Dane if...  
  You like feeling sorry for yourself and being alone.

You're depressed, sick, divorced, lost your job or just lonely.  A Dane can offer:  unconditional love, they are warm to cuddle up with, devoted, intelligent and empathetic.  You know you've lived a good life if your last words on your death bed are, "Where's my baby?" (and you're talking about your Dane.)

  Do NOT get a Dane if...       Adopt a Dane if...  
  You have a weak stomach. You can handle the end result of owning one.
  Do NOT get a Dane from me if....       Adopt a Dane from us if...


  You are not going to be a committed owner.  

You understand that adopting a Dane is like adopting a human child.  There are going to be good days and bad days.  Days it will get sick, get into something it shouldn't, days it may not want to mind you, days it will try your patience.... all like a human child will.  However, if you can get through all of that, I promise you the end result of being owned by such a magnificent creature will all be worth it!

On a final note, I do ask that should things just not work out, please have the courtesy to contact me and let me help you find your puppy/dog a new home.  These guys are my children and grandchildren and unlike so many breeders, I truly care where they end up and want to keep up with their progress.  Not only because I love each and every one of them but to keep up with the quality of Danes we are breeding and to know if there are any kind of health issues that arise later on with our breeding program.  The only way I'll know is if the customer lets me know because I can not keep a puppy from every litter; as much as I'd like to!

In short, I am entrusting you with one of my babies, please show me the same respect if it doesn't work out let me know BEFORE you start placing ads and trying to rehome it on your own.  I do have a damage clause in my contract for a considerable amount and will take action if need be.  Thankfully, so far I've not had to do so thus far.  I am always willing to forgive and work with my customers, unlike a breeder I know!


If this video doesn't bring tears to your eyes, nothing will!  It's not about a Dane but it still shows the loyalty of a dog.

A Splash Of Chocolate Danes aka Kiss My Cocoa