To Dock or Not to Dock
As the standard saying goes, "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!!"

Grandma Kay's sayings for docked tails, lol:
"They can't knock it if you dock it!"
"Once not whacked, you won't go back."
"I choose not to bruise."

 Before Accident   After Accident



Because a Dane is so large when their tail hits you it carries quite a punch!  In 2013 my then 5 1/2 yr old Dane had to have her tail amputated due to an accident with high winds and a metal storm door slamming on her tail as she was passing through it.  I was behind her and saw the shut door in front of me with several inches of her tail caught between the door and the door frame.  I opened the door thinking I would 'free her' when to my horror the piece of tail fell to the pavestone! I stepped inside and blood was splattered everywhere: furniture, walls and even the ceiling! 

I called for Micah and when she did not come I simply followed the blood trail through the office, kitchen and into the den.  I wrapped her tail and rushed her to the vet. Her remaining tail was amputated to a more acceptable length, similar to a Doberman's or Weimaraner.

I must say, I think it looks good and I love not being whacked by her tail anymore each time she bolts past me thirty or so times a day!  Also, for those that say docking a Dane's tail will traumatize it or offset it's equilibrium, I say baw-hum-bug!  I have noticed no difference in Micah's personality or behavior since the accident.  Matter of fact she seems to have a little 'spring' to her step now as though she's just as pleased with it.

If you read the regulations for a show Dane you will see it states that a Dane with a docked tail can not be shown, so obviously I am not the first to think of docking a Dane's tail.

Of course the ideal time to dock the tail would be at 3 to 5 days of age when the dew claws are removed, however, not knowing which customers would want it done and which not, unfortunately I can't dock any at that time unless it's one I will be keeping for myself.  The other two opportune times would be between 8 and 15 weeks at the same age ear cropping would be done, if you choose or later at the same time of spaying/neutering because by these ages the puppy would have to be put under anesthesia.

After the cropping Micah showed no signs of mental distress for losing her tail, didn't bother the stitches or anything... in other words I'm sure it was no more sore from the amputation surgery than the screen door slamming on it and whacking her tail portion off. 

Since the day of the accident another of my Danes had a door close on her tail; luckily that's all it was.  And yes, there is an automatic closer on the doors so they will close more slowly but when you are dealing with high winds as we are at times, that makes no difference.  I cringed as it made me wish all their tails were docked!


Man of the house wont feel the need to throw his hands in front of himself (lol, or wear a cup) when the family Dane goes by.  

A Dane with a docked tail can not be shown.

Your Dane will never have to go through the trauma Micah did.    
Wont ever have blood splatter all over the house from "happy tail."  If you already have a Dane you know what I'm talking about. (If a Dane whacks it's tail enough times it can actually split the skin open and splatter blood everywhere.  It can take months for it to heal, even if you wrap it, because it will continue to smack it's tail against walls, doors, counters, etc.    
If you have a litter of pups they wont get smacked as they scoot/crawl around mom in the whelping box.  I've actually had a puppy lose it's eye from the mom whacking it in the face with such force.    
When picking something up from the floor or tying your shoes you wont have to cover your face to prevent a black eye.    

Below is a picture of my arm & leg with bruises from someone's tail as they ran past & smacked me with it. Lol, I stay so bruised I have had friends ask me if Ted is hitting me!  I replied nope, just one of the hazards of being a Dane owner.

If you have children they wont be painfully whacked across the face or back by a tail.    

If you burn candles in your home tails can actually be a fire hazard!  I've had to move all my candles out of tails' reach.  So many times I'd find one knocked over; thankfully the one in the picture below was not lit and thankfully I was around when lit ones were knocked over!  The bookcase this candle was on is 3 ft high.




As you can see in above video having a docked tail has not hindered Micah's movement in any way.  It's a myth that docking a Dane's tail will offset its equilibrium. After all, Boxers, Dobies, Weimaraners, Rottweilers and Cane Corso Mastiffs (just to name a few) seem to get around just fine!

Any pups I produce in the future that I wish to keep for myself will have their tail docked when the dew claws are removed.

If you disagree with me on this, that's fine as I realize you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am to mine....
so, no need to email me with a tongue thrashing as I will just delete the email and go about my business of having a GREAT Day!




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