D-Lite is a chocolate mantle Great Dane. You may come across her name on the internet mis-spelled as "Delight," however, the correct spelling is D-Lite.

Now I'll admit she's not perfect, she has a thin build but is nice and tall so I matched her with Monster to correct her flaws and on 11-2-12 she produced an awesome litter!  So awesome 9 out of 12 were bought with breeding rights!  The correct pedigree for that litter is shown above.  Should you see a pedigree with descendents behind Kiss My Cocoa's D-Lite please beware it is FAKE!!!

4-21-14 I filed a complaint with CKC informing them I discovered a buyer of several females from D-Lite's 2012 litter had forged my signature on documents either herself or had someone else do it for her of which she submitted to change the pedigree on D-Lite thus misrepresenting my breeding program!! I informed CKC she did this in regards to a dog still registered to me!!

CKC investigated and has permanently removed the false information/pedigree from CKC records and informed me CKC will not honor the forged document  

Personally, over the years I've sold many litters that did not have a full pedigree at the same prices as those with full pedigrees.  I have always believed if the quality is there, a 5 generation pedigree is not that important to most buyers.


There seems to be a group that can't get their facts straight so let me clarify some things....

a) I have never lied about the weight of my Danes because as a responsible breeder I purchased a professional scale years ago so I can not only monitor my puppies' weights as they grow but my adults as well so I know the proper dosage for heart and flea prevention medications as well as any others they may need.  I know my scale is always correct because I weigh my puppies and adults before any trips to vet so I can compare weights. Nor have I ever lied about the height of my Danes. 

b) FYI Amie & Keela, I own two chocolate mantle females and it is Tootsie that is the smaller one @ 98 pounds and 30 inches, D-Lite was at 115 pounds and 32 inches in the picture below.  However, even with a small female you can "improve" the results of her litters with the right male.  Several of Tootsie's females are in the 150 pound range as well as being taller than their dame and males 165 and above.
The thing you girls need to learn is you can change your mind about something. I happened to remember something my grandfather who raised World CH hunting dogs told me as a child, "You can have a dog that is not perfect but if you breed it with the right partner you can correct flaws."  Which is exactly the result I got by breeding D-Lite to my wonderful stud, MONSTER!

c) Keela, if you are going to quote someone you need to QUOTE them and not substitute your own words! I have never said D-Lite was "horribly bred,"  as stated below I say she is "not perfect." Furthermore Keela, I give my customers all the help they need in regards to breeding or answer any other questions they may have. I have literally stayed up all night on the phone with my customers helping them whelp a litter.

However, if a complete stranger is rude enough to call me after midnight, (which is way past what you considered "just a little late in the day") you're damn right I'm going to go off on you and go "bi-polar" as you put it! It is after all my right to not sell one of my puppies to someone so inconsiderate of others! I was brought up not to call people after 10 p.m. unless it's a close friend, family or an emergency. So, in the future if you are not sure of a time difference, then wait until the next day!!

d) Keela, my web site is Kiss My Cocoa
(at the bottom of every page) so you really should NOT be taking pictures from it and posting them to FB or any place else without my permission.  No wonder you post your lies in "members only" media.  LOL.

e) Oh, and Amie, I have never charged anyone for pictures and I don't know where you get off to say I would! Lol, and y'all wonder why I won't sell you one of my puppies much less talk to you.

The most amusing thing about all of this, those of you bashing me are ones I won't sell to and the one that I turned in to CKC for submitting a false pedigree on D-Lite as explained further below.
I find it sad y'all have nothing better to do with your lives and I had to get out of my hospital bed I have at home and make my way to my desk to once again publicly post the truth!  Maybe if you put as much effort into doing your own research on breeding you'll have a good program some day. You girls need to "get a life" and preferably "one of your own."
DOB 10-17-10

Sweet, playful young female.  Gets along well with my other females.

Color   Chocolate Mantle
Registration   CKC
Micro Chipped   Yes
Current on Shots   DA2PPvL & CV, Rabies
Current Other   Bordetella
Housebroken   Yes



Yes, those are two drool strings hanging down as he patiently waits for a treat.



Kiss My Cocoa