This video explains why my prices may be slightly higher than other breeders. Please excuse my voice in video as I was recovering from 3 wks of having the flu when I made it.



Now accepting major credit cards!  for deposits & full payment

and PayPal for non-refundable $400 DEPOSITS ONLY.

Buyer pays any/all fees.


Due to the cost of raising quality puppies,  all the TLC my puppies get and because I care that they will continue to be properly cared for I will never just give a puppy away so, please do NOT ask!  I feel if you can not afford to purchase a puppy, then you will not be able to afford to care for it properly!


Ground shipping available but usually costs more.

Wt Cost in Addition to Puppy Unless Otherwise Quoted
15 - 25 #s $365
26 - 35 #s $400
36 - 45 #s $450
46 - 55 #s $500
55 - 65 #s $550
70 - 90 #s $625
95 - 115 #s $850
over 115 to be quoted at that time due to Airline's increase prices
  Shipping fees may change w/o notice

Non-refundable deposit is $400 and is applied towards purchase price of puppy/Dane.


NOTE:  In early 2012 I implemented the policy for LTD/PET puppies/Danes to collect the "Full/Breeding Rights" registration fee at time of sale for a couple of reasons.  1. A few dishonest people in previous years that told me they only wanted a pet but ended up breeding the Dane any way or  2. When I check back to see if the Dane had been spayed/neutered the reply was pretty regularly becoming, "No, I didn't have the money."  So, now that won't be an excuse because if they don't have the cash at the time, put it on a card and when I get proof of alteration I'll send their rebate.

In other words, the difference in price (Ltd & Full) for a specific puppy/Dane will be refunded immediately when proof of spay/neuter is provided to me by a licensed vet.  I can provide contact information to those of my customers who have done this and they will be more than happy to verify the rebates were indeed refunded immediately.  For those who don't spay/neuter their "pet" according to the terms at time of purchase NO rebate will be given and legal action will be taken to collect the penalty fee or for said Dane to be surrendered back to me at Buyer's expense. These terms are on each application.

Furthermore, my Danes are NOT to be rehomed/sold without my prior knowledge AND approval of new owner or legal action will be taken to collect the penalty fee or for said Dane to be surrendered back to me at Buyer's expense. These terms are on each application.  In short, I truly care about my Danes and want to ensure they are not bought on a whim only to be sold six months later or bounced around from breeder to breeder just being a means for someone to earn income.

If you do not wish to abide by my policies then you are more than welcome to buy your puppy elsewhere.  I am a reputable breeder and have my good reputation to uphold therefore I do not scam my customers.  I have many that have come back for a 2nd Dane, a couple for a 3rd!  Most are so pleased they referred family,  friends and even complete strangers to me.  Thanks for your consideration of a KMC GREAT Dane and have a nice day.


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NOTE:  My prices are the same no matter if AKC or CKC registry.

Breeding Rights
Standard Merle
$800 - $1,200 $1,000 & up
Standard Merle
$950 - $1,400 $1,200 & up
$1,400 & up
Either sex
$1,800 & up
Either sex

Chocolate Mantle
Chocolate Merle
Dilute Chocolate aka Lilac
$1,600 & up
Either sex
$2,000 & up
Either sex

Pricing can be determined after puppy is born and up to two weeks of age.
prices do not include ear crop or shipping.
Prices may change w/o notice.


Other Reasons My Prices Are What They Are

My Danes are very well cared for as my vet has & will attest to!

My puppies are raised indoors which requires a lot of daily laundry; usually 9 to 13 loads the first few days of a new litter and then balancing out to 6 or so thereafter changing out the towels or blankets every few hours!

Furthermore, I have a very thorough web site filled with all kinds of information on the Great Dane as well as web design and hosting is not free.

Then there's the expense of shots, deworming medication, micro chips, food, socialization, etc. I keep records on all my puppies. Each puppy has their own folder on file with their owner's application, pictures (as a puppy and all updates including emails new owners send) as well as medical records, micro chip info, pedigree and ownership form. 

Filing cabinets, binders, file folders, fasteners, paper, toner printer & computer cartridges, printer and computer and Quick Books software program... none of these items are free.  Neither is my time to keep records on all of this, not only for myself but in order to report everything properly on my taxes.

I stay in touch with new owners throughout the puppy's life via emails or text messages and record/file their updates.  This all requires a lot of time and effort.

I have other expenses that a buyer is not aware of.  ALL of the above requires TIME and I feel my time in raising quality healthy puppies is as valuable as any other professional's time and I should be compensated for it. 

So, in short, if you want a puppy costing less than mine then by all means, buy one if saving money "up front" is what's important to you because there's a chance with the cheaper puppy, you will be spending more money later on, in vet bills!  Both puppies below are the same age.

Puppy Priced Less than Mine   My Puppy

I've been told by some other breeders (whose dogs are raised in kennels btw) I charge too much for my puppies.  My reply is always the same... I do not force people to buy from me.  My existing customers were intelligent enough to surf the internet and make their own choice. 

It's no different than cars, a Chevrolet Avero and a Cadillac Cien Concept, both GM cars, will get you where you want to go, just depends on the type of car one wants to own.

Furthermore, I don't take expensive vacations, buy expensive clothes or jewelry with the money I make on my dogs.  It goes back into the care of my dogs and as shown on my Available page proceeds from all sales are donated to multiple charities, how many other breeders do you know of do this?  In summary it seems the only people that have a real problem with my prices are breeders who can't get the same prices for their puppies.  My Customers are happy and that's all that matters to me.

Bottom line, do NOT ask me to lower my price on one of my Danes or hit me with a sob story and ask me to just give you one because quite honestly I will hang up on you if you call and if you email or text I won't reply.  It's that simple. Even if your hardship story is true, if you can't afford to buy a Dane, them you will not be able to afford to "properly" care for one!



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Initial Cost Of A Puppy

We pride ourselves on raising healthy, happy puppies that comply with the AKC  Great Dane standards in every way... with the exception of color.  We think that conformation, size and temperament are what's important in breeding Danes, however, we're not prejudice against the color of their coat, just as humans should not be towards one another because of the color of their skin!

Our healthy puppies are by no accident.  Unlike some designer breeders out there breeding just for color.... I plan each and every breeding.  All physical and mental characteristics of both the sire and dam are considered.   Pedigrees are researched for the color in their backgrounds as well as size, temperament and conformation.

Our Danes live in our home and are on the above supplements and when a girl comes to her 50th day of pregnancy the whelping box is set up in our guest room and I begin sleeping in there with her and remain there as long as the pups remain in the whelping box.  Each puppy is greeted by me at birth before momma can even give it it's first lick.  I'm there for the entire birthing process which can take up to 18 hours or more and usually comes during the middle of the night or in the early morning hours.  If one of my girls has a large litter I supplement the puppies several times a day to help the momma out.

I change the bedding (towels, blankets or quilts) several times a day to ensure the puppies have a clean environment, usually washing 4 to 6 loads a day depending on the size of the litter.  I give my puppies age appropriate de-wormings and shots, I micro-chip each puppy and start crate and house breaking them.  LOL, My baseboards and furniture suffer because I raise my puppies indoors and teach them not to chew on such things but, that's alright because I do it so my customer's homes don't get chewed up from their puppiness or teething!

I take the time to socialize my puppies with other dogs, children, adults and take them for care rides.  Each puppy will be checked by our vet before going to their new home.  All of this takes a great deal of time, money and last but certainly NOT least, love!  So, that's why my puppies may cost more than others, however, I'm sure you've also heard of the saying, "you get what you pay for."

Hidden Cost of a Puppy

Breeding dogs can be very fun and exciting but raising a giant breed is a different story and believe me when I say there are many days of hardships and sometimes the good days just do not make up for the bad ones. 

There are hard ships of losing a litter due to premature birth, sometimes even losing the momma when this  happens. Losing a puppy because the momma laid on it and smothered it.  A mother Dane having to have a C-section because something has gone wrong with the labor and/or losing a mother dog because she didn't survive the C-section and maybe even that litter too! Then there will be times that the mother's milk is not good and one has to bottle feed the babies which could number anywhere from 4 to 18!! And they have to be fed every hour (even through the night) the first week, every 2 hours (even through the night) the 2nd week, every 3 hours (even through the night) the 3rd week and so on until they are 5 weeks old and started on mush.

When it's time to start the puppies on mush and dog food there will be on occasion the puppy that literally chokes to death on a piece of food! 

And then when it's time to adopt them out... a good breeder can have the best of the best applications to be filled out but there will be times a "bad apple" will slip through.  Then the headaches begin going through the process to reposes the puppy for it's own good.  Sometimes this just takes a few phone calls, other times it requires going to court, which we are willing to do for the safety and well being of our babies!

These are all things that people need to consider when someone "thinks" they want to get a Dane and/or be a breeder.  All of the above is what a breeder calls "hidden cost" of a puppy.  The hours and hours of lost sleep and wear and tear on a body..... it's really not worth the asking price of a puppy.  When you factor all this in I don't think anyone could afford to buy a puppy. When a GOOD breeder continues to breed dogs after all these hardships, you know they do it because they truly LOVE the breed of dog they have and that the "good" times and those precious times makes it all worth it.

There are times I wonder, "Why? Why do I put myself through this mentally, physically and financially?" But of course, then I get an email with an update from a customer with one of my babies and see how beautiful they are becoming.... or I look into the eyes of one of them laying at my feet as I type this... and I know in my heart the answer..... because my life would be so empty without them.

Future Cost of a Puppy If Raised Correctly

The purchase price is the least of your investment in this dog. Pets from reputable breeders range - depending on the area of the country - from $800 on up. People who are charging less than this often don't offer registration, written contracts, guarantees,  - sometimes not even basic shots.  And if they are a "hobby" breeder as many advertise, like this is something to be proud of, who's to say they will be around the very day after you buy your puppy???

Your first year with a pup of any breed - or no breed at all - is the most expensive. Besides the purchase price, there will be vet visits at purchase (which should be around 8-12 weeks) at 12 and 16 weeks for completion of initial vaccination and the first rabies shot . Plan on $50-$125 for each of these three visits, depending on local prices. Sometime during the year, the pup will hurt itself - get stepped on, take a fall, or eat some it shouldn't have - and you'll have an emergency visit. Since these ALWAYS happen when your primary vet is off, plan on the $100 emergency clinic basic fee. (When was the last time the kids got hurt when the doctor's office was open?)

Good quality food is about $35-45 a sack, sometimes more, depending on what your breeder wants you to feed. After the age of a two, the appetite eases off and you will feed about one 50-lb sack twice month. This needs to be a good quality feed, not the local feed-store special!!

You'll probably want flea control and a heartworm preventative.  You'll also a good shampoo for bathing the dog; that's generally done once a month, unless the dog gets sprayed by a skunk, rolls in the dead chicken under the house, or plays in the duck wallow.

Neutering should be done during the first six months to a year if not done by the breeder's vet before you get your pup - six months is a good age - and this is around $100-$250 at most vet clinics. And you will need to enroll in at least one local obedience class with your dog so you both learn to speak the same language -about $90 for a six week session.

So, without the purchase price, your first year's expenses come out to about $1,500.  After that, your annual costs will run about $500-$600 a year, depending on how much vet care is needed.

Another option is adopting a rescue dog (an older dog that needs a home) which will be initially less expensive - you'll save most of the purchase price and won't have the early puppy expenses - but because the dog is older, you will have to deal with already established habits and you will have it a shorter period of time. Vet costs increase during the final years of a dog's life, as a rule.

In other words, when you adopt a Great Dane, you are adopting a 4-legged child for the rest of it's life.

Discounts or Free Puppy Request

Many people contact me with a "sad story" to tell and ask me if I'd reduce the price of a puppy.  Well, for those that the story is true, I'm sorry for your hardships, however, I will NO LONGER make ANY exceptions! 

For those who want a free puppy, I have always felt if you can't afford to buy a pet, then you will not be able to afford to take proper care of it, so do not expect me to give one to you.  Danes are high maintenance if you are going to take care of them properly.





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