2017  Adopted Oodles of Kisses!
Photos of adopted pups shown here;  updates are posted on  


"Thank You"  Cary & Leann in TX!

"Thank You"  Cara in TX!
"Thank You"  Dana & Hudson in GA!

"Thank You"  Lanita in TX!
"Thank You"  Marie in MN!

"Thank You"  Lynn & Paige in TX!


"Thank You"  Margaret & Aaron in IN!



"Thank You"  Kandi & Isai in WY!
"Thank You"  Lisa & David in TX!

"Thank You"  Melissa in MS!
"Thank You"  Micah in MS!

"Thank You"  Sherry & Ken in MS!
"Thank You"  Jennifer & Ted in MS for your 2nd adoption!

"Thank You"  Anthony in OH!
"Thank You" Jennifer & Ted in MS!

"Thank You" Tracey in TX!
"Thank You" Amanda in PA!

"Thank You" Sue in MO!
"Thank You" Delton and Jordan in TX!

"Thank You" Amy in FL!
"Thank You" Haley and Joshua in SC!

"Thank You" Jerrett in NJ!
"Thank You" Melissa in IL!

"Thank You" John in TX!
"Thank You" Chase in TX!

"Thank You" Mark in IN for your adoption of PRETTY GIRL
"Thank You" Nancy & Brenda in NM for your adoption of TREVOR



Oodles of Kisses 2017 thru current date