Late one afternoon while we were getting a good down-pour I caught some of the girls on our bed watching it rain.  Gosh, what I'd give to know what they are thinking sometimes!  We have a word around the house we use quite often, POP (pile of pups), and when either my husband or I yell it, the other person grabs the camera.  Below to the right, Brandi (may she R.I.P.) was laying in her favorite position....   OK, so she's wasn't very modest.... but I loved her just the same.

Quite often I'm up late on the computer, however, as you can see below it doesn't matter because my husband never goes to bed alone.
Other girls sleep on the futon until I'm ready for bed.  I like futons because they accomidate more than one Dane, they take a "Full" sized mattress protector and sheets thus making it so much easier to wash than the standard dog beds... and they last a lot longer!



In Loving Memory

I will dearly miss our special times together.

In the evenings while watching TV one of the girls will usually crawl into the recliner with me thinking she's still a lap puppy.  It's not long before another will try to join us!


While watching TV in my recliner my husband took this picture of Zoey, 155 pounds (@ the time) of "lap puppy," keeping me company.  Below you can see she is a little fuller.... 180!

These 3 have been adopted.

While working at my desk I always have an audience.  All of these beauties except for Micah in the far back have been adopted out.


There are times I'm "dreaming" of being smothered by someone only to wake up with a Dane laying on my face blocking my air flow!  LOL!  My husband caught this tender moment.  Can't you just see the love in Zoey's eyes in the photo to the left as though to say, "I'll keep you safe mommy!"

To the right she came into the kitchen to thank me for the flavored ice cubes I had just given her to play with and eat. I freeze beef broth or jello and give to the Danes as treats on hot summer days.  My sweet Zoey is here for life. 



To the left, the girls wait for me
to make supper.

To the right, Jinger
wanting to help me do the dishes!


  I love it when they sit this way!  

I can't even do laundry without an audience! lol, wish they knew how to fold clothes!  Guess I took too long, lost Zoey to the couch and all but Bunny decided to lay down until I finished.


This copperhead was 4 ft 5 inches

I've had a few people (who are not customers) contact me after watching my videos of the dogs outside at play and said, "It's obvious by the way they walk they are kennel dogs and don't know what grass is."

Well, that's simply not true.  We live on a ranch and have a snake & tarantula problem.  So far the longest we've encountered was 6 ft 1.25 inches!!  That's why my Danes may look leery when walking in grass and may appear to be afraid of it (grass). They are simply looking to make sure they do not step on a snake or tarantula!  That's why I raise my puppies indoors.

This snake was 5 ft 2 inches.



Although a snake or spider bite may not be deadly, it can cause pain and swelling.  This girl went for a romp in one of the pastures and was snake bit.


One of my 2 yr old girls was snake bit while playing in the back yard.  Once we saw this we immediately took her to vet in which he gave her 3 shots and some pills. I also had to give her a daily shot for a week!


So, in addition to the fact that Danes should be house pets to begin with, these are  other reasons my puppies are whelped/raised indoors and not in our back yard or an outside kennel.




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