Some of the Danes below are in their new homes but I leave their pictures here to show that our Danes live in our home, our puppies are born and raised inside and spoiled 100%! 

I interview all potential adoptive parents so well that most become good friends as we keep in touch and they give us plenty of updates on our kids, however, due to rising internet costs and lack of time I'm not able to post all the updates any longer; but I do appreciate them, each and every one!



I'm a fanatic about proper health care and believe in "preventative" medication.  I believe not only is it in the best interest of my pet, but it will save me money in the long run to have a healthy pet at all times.  In short, I say if you can't or won't take care of an animal properly, then do NOT own one because they are depending on YOU for their well being and total survival.

Below is a picture of Abbie taking a break from her 11 babies she blessed us with in 2007.  We make sure we have "one on one" time with the Danes, however, it's not long before others have to come see what's going on and who's getting "special" treatment.  Below, my husband is trying to spend time with Jessie, the pup in the center who just had her ears cropped and as you can see, within minutes the rest were there to get in on the loving.



In the picture above, I was trying to pick something up off the floor and Brandi (RIP) decided to play "leap-frog" and once she got half way over me... she didn't know what to do!  Ted happened to be around to snap the picture.

Occasionally if we time it right, we'll get to sit on our own furniture, otherwise, the dogs seem to always have dibs on it and just one can take up the entire couch by itself as Brandi is doing pictured below!  However, when she was in a generous mood, she'd share with her sisters.  And did you know Danes make great foot warmers!  You can see a couple of young pups are resting after some play time underneath my desk as I try to get some work done.  I was able to quietly sneak  away to take the picture below.

In the following picture Jessie is 15 weeks old checking out a newborn Longhorn calf that we're about to ear tag.  We just love it when we get the perfect picture!

These are some of our Danes
before they were adopted out.

Many people do not allow their Danes on their furniture and that's fine, however, I can't be that way.  That'd be like me telling  my 2-legged child she could not cuddle with me.  I love my Danes so much; there's no better feeling than to have them all "want" to be with me 24/7. 

We leave the blinds to our bedroom windows open so the morning sunrise will awaken us.  However, on cold winter days it's really hard for me to get out of a warm bed.  The bigger girls are really smart too.  As you can see above, they've learned as soon as Dad gets up, then it's OK to join Mom in bed and I love snuggling with them and drifting off back to sleep!


Danes not only bond quickly with their owners but with each other as well. 


Our girls love one another so much!


Kiss My Cocoa

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