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At KMC, there are no surprises in my breeding program because Chocolate GREAT Danes are exactly what I am breeding for!  I am where chocolate lovers come for their GREAT Danes.  At Kiss My Cocoa I strive for two things. Quality Danes and Satisfied Customers.  When you succeed at the first, the second will follow.


As with any good breeder, I worked hard to continue to improve my chocolates in the hope that one day this beautiful color will be recognized AGAIN as a breed standard color....  just as blue,  mantle and harlequin were.  After all, the breeders of CH Danes today of those last 3 accepted colors did not get where they are now without breeding/fighting for what they wanted/believed in.

I, as a CHOCOLATE Dane breeder, was not trying to make the breed something it wasn't meant to be.  If you read all the facts on my First Chocolates' page you will see that CHOCOLATE Danes have been around since the 1600's.  When I began in 2006 I tried to be selective in the Danes I purchased for my breeding program because I wanted my bloodline to improve the quality, temperament and conformation of the CHOCOLATE Danes of the past with each breeding I do as well as those that will carry on my work for generations to come. Some pups I rehomed when they got a little older because they did not meet my requirements.

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  to read why I started docking my Danes' tails.
I have even done a web search and seen Danes in Europe with docked tails
as well as some of my customers have done it to their Dane and love it!
FACT: Tail docking actually serves a purpose whereas ear cropping is purely cosmetic,
so no need for any of you righteous people who disagree to contact me.





Above is one of our pups named Dane. On 7-30-13 Dane was on ABC WORLD NEWS!
He appears right after the barking Chihuahua as he barks at the camera man
and right after the red chow chasing the ball he is shown resting in the shade.






"Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder" (as it should be.) It should not be left up to politics to dictate what color of Dane, or any breed of canine, should or should not be bred or shown!! Every color of Dane deserves the right to live, to be loved and to be shown in the show ring! It's time for discrimination of color to be thrown out and Dane owners of any color be allowed to show in the conformation class!  After all, isn't the class/category  called conformation??



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